A Simple Philosophy

Initial investments in FEA, mold flow, high quality tooling, premium resins, automated systems,  and strategic alliances with our suppliers allows WMP to provide the highest quality product to our customers.

When this philosophy is coupled with our R&D  efforts, applications engineering, and manufacturing practices, the result is a product developed to the highest quality level possible.  Workstations are located at each manufacturing cell allowing for data collection of all key characteristics and other customer required data.

We continuously strive to improve our operational performance through problem prevention. This is achieved through using a proactive approach, working with our customers to optimize product design, material selection, and tool construction.

Statistical Control of Key Product Characteristics

Histograms and Capability Analysis are just two ways we are able to monitor quality and meet your requirements for production.

Internal Inspection Equipment

  • Color Booth
  • Calipers/Digital Indicators
  • Check Fixtures
  • Pin Gages
  • Force Gages
  • Height Gage
  • Optical Comparator